bottle shape plastic premade bag filling and sealing machine
bottle shape plastic premade bag filling and sealing machine
  • bottle shape plastic premade bag filling and sealing machine
  • bottle shape plastic premade bag filling and sealing machine

Shaped pouch filling sealing machine

Airless pressurized filling with pre-formed bags is a popular form of packing in the international packing industry. It is characterized by its novel shape, varying design, reliable measurement, firm sealing, simple operation and low cost for packing materials. It is widely used in the airless packing of dairy (milk, yogurt and lactic drinks, etc.), soybean products (Japanese bean curd, etc.), condiments (soy, cooking oil, etc.), beverage, ice-cream, mineralized water, detergent, wine, etc. to avoid secondary contamination.


Product Description


1--Easy to operate,High quality PLC with PIC, mate with touch screen and electric control system, the man- machine interface is friendly. 2--Automatic quantitive filling and control liquid level. 3--Adjustment filling volume and all the things from PLC 4--The whole machine adopts stainless steel material and international brand parts according to the food hygienic requirements, guarantee hygiene and security of the food. 5--The machine adopts big capacity, high intensity, stably to operate, easy to maintain, long service life.

Shaped bag filling sealing machine for handheld foil sealing machine, is made of prefabricated forming bags(also known as rods acid milk bags, rod bags, inflation bag)

using pneumatic automatic filling sealing, no period of spring and spring fatigue condition. Has the packaging forms, innovative, accurate measurement,perfect sealing,

convenient supply and low packaging material cost advantages.This machine is widely used with a variety of dairy products, beverages, spicy soy sauce, vinegar, edible oil,

etc.) of soy products (Japanese tofu) mineral water, washing supplies, wine, jelly, citrus beverages, coconut pulp and other granular,semiliquid without automatic filling sealing gas conditin.
50-500ml/bag(can be special customized)
2000-3500bags/hour(according to bag capacity)
Power supply
220V 50Hz
0.3-0.5m³/min 0.8mpa
liquid food
packing type
plastic pouch with spout but not have cap

Adopt pre-made bag forming bag
The packaging form is novel, the shape is diverse, the seal is firm and easy to use.

PLC control system
The machine adopts manual interface, the operation is intuitive and simple, and the failure rate is low

Intelligent temperature controller
Control temperature, accurate temperature control. Sealing pressure adopts vertical downward pressure type, which makes the
product sealing more firmly and evenly

2-station 8-head filling
Except for manual bag loading, filling, sealing and bag dropping are all done automatically

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