nuts Bottle jar weighting filling capping labeling machine

Bottle jar weighting filling capping labeling machine

It is suitable for various of granular products such as Puffed food, Slice Dried meat floss,Dried fish, cheese ball,chocolate ball,crispy snacks,,color sugar,popping candy,cashew nuts,peanut,nuts,pistachio, vegetable seeds,sunflower seed,dried fruit,chips,raisin,popcorn,rice,pepper,ect.
Used for packing in tin\aluminum\plastic\composite paper\glass can\bottle\jar.






1. The appearance of machine is made of stainless steel material,its external shape is simple and     beautiful,in line with the design requirement of lots of the standard production workshop.
2. All 304 stainless steel material adopts the electrical accessories with the international well-known brand.
3. Can be designed into single-head, double-head or multi-head according to the speed requirement, which can meet the needs of different enterprises.
4. It adopts the combination of the upper cover and rotary cover ,with stable and reliable performance,which realizes the automatic production.
5. Various accessories are processed precisely,production technology and industry,etc,have obtained the sediment from customer experience for a long time of the company and continuous improvement,its main parts adopts the unique design,high strength,low noise,good filling and sealing performance.
6. The design of automatic production line is extremely east to be make up the operation line combined with the filling
system,weighing filling system or labeling system.


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